By Kevin Graff

We're not getting any reports over the summer! Please continue send in any and all sightings from your yard and/or in city/county between September 1 - November 30 as soon as you can to Kevin Graff at Not all sightings will fit in the newsletter, but most records you send either in private email or from an MDOSPREY posting will be saved as data recorded for future research to public.

Thank you!

OBSERVERS: BC-Brad Cernohorsky, BD-Bob Dixon, BP-Ben Poscover, KEC-Keith E Costley, KG-Kevin Graff, JG-Jim Green, JP-Jim Peters, JH-Joe Hanfman, MH-Mike Hudson, MW-Marcia Watson, PEN-Paul E Noell, RR-Robert Ringler, DT-Debbie Terry

LOCATIONS: CVP-Cromwell Valley Park, FMcH-Ft. McHenry, HMI-Hart-Miller Island, OMM-Owings Mill Mall wetlands, PMF-Paper Mill Flats, PP-Patterson Park