Whimsical Group Names

This is a short list; please send any further suggestions to Terry Ross at . I am putting the newest contributions at the top of the list.
From Alan Bromberg:
        A drift of Snow Buntings
        A snip of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers
        A spiral of Brown Creepers
        A coronation of kingbirds
        A mews of catbirds
        A teapot of towhees
        A whirligig of phalaropes
        A palette of Painted Buntings
        A marathon of Greater Roadrunners
        A flash of American Goldfinches
        A cawlection of American Crows

From Ken Blackshaw:

	An outfield of flycatchers
	An integration of Black and White Warblers
	A stream of Yellow Warblers
	An asylum of loons
	A service of Spoonbills
	A crew of Shovellers
	A hangover of Red-eyed Vireos
	A court of Kingbirds

From Cathi Pelletier:
        A Peterson of flickers

From David Trently:
        A castle of kinglets
        A throne room of kinglets
        A deck of cardinals

From Stephan L. Moss:
	A cawldron of crows
	A gulp of swallows

From Bruce Humboldt:
	A schizophrenia of Hawk-Owls
	A cell of Red Phalaropes
	A trepidation of Yellow Warblers

From Billie Jo Johnstone:
	A dip of Goldfinches

From Wally Collins:
	An incontinence of yellowlegs

From Richard Danca, who doesn't want birders to feel left out:
	A LISTSERV of birders
	A chat of birders
	A checklist of tickers

James Brooks, president of the Tennessee Ornithological Society, passes 
along these suggestions:
        A tangle of towhees (from Audrey Hoff)
        A blizzard of snow geese (from David Trently)
        A slyness of fox sparrows (from James Brooks)

From Andy Culshaw:
        A teeter of waterthrushes
        A contradiction of sandpipers

From Rena Yount:
        A congress of crows.
        A mob of crows (anytime, but especially when escorting a hawk
                        through the neighborhood)
        A straggle of birders
        A rush of birders (during migration)
        A bin of birders

I couldn't resist adding a few of my own:
        A pinking of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers
	A wrench of warblers
	A humiliation of House Sparrows
	A booby of nuthatches
	A hatch of boobies
	A newspaper syndicate of gannets
	A U of terns
	A collage of cardinals
        A looming of vultures
	A ridicule of mockingbirds
	A spotting of birders
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