Today’s set of diving ducks are birds of deeper water, usually fresh water lakes, rivers or reservoirs, but these ducks may also turn up along the coast as well. The first pair of males are red-headed ducks that can be told apart by the face shape and the body color.  Both kinds of males are… Read More

Today, we’ll look at some of the diving ducks that turn up in more inland waters on larger ponds, lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Some of these will also be found on more coastal waters, and even out in the open ocean, but the real ocean ducks will be the subject of a later post. Let’s… Read More

Today, we’ll finish off the common dabblers with two pairs of fairly common ducks that like small to medium-sized ponds and lakes.  The first pair are among our smallest ducks, with Mallard-like females, and the males of both pairs are very easy to identify.  Luckily they tend to hang out in mixed flocks, so you’re… Read More

Last time we covered green-headed male ducks, like Mallards.  This time we’ll take a look at the confusing female Mallards and ducks that look like them.  First of all, let’s look at the female Mallards.  These are the ducks that quite a few female dabblers look like, and even a few of the males. The… Read More

This time around, we move on from land feeder birds out onto the water, since the next few trips will involve at least some looks at the winter residents of the various ponds, lakes and rivers in the area.  In winter, the ducks which have nested in the more northern areas come down and visit… Read More