These birds are actually easy to distinguish from each other, once you get the simple patterns down.  The Egrets come in large, medium and small, as is often the case, and there is a single Heron in our area that also turns up in an all-white plumage. First of all, the largest Egret, the Great… Read More

Today’s Heron post covers the adults of the other herons we may run into along the edges of ponds and waterways. These are squatter-looking birds, with a more hunched posture and shorter necks, than the previous group. We’ll start with the familiar smallish heron of wooded streams and ponds – the Green Heron. This bird… Read More

As spring approaches, the various large waders prepare for the breeding season, and some confusion may arise as the special feathers are visible, and being showed off.  Let’s look at the bigger herons first – specifically Great Blue Herons, Little Blue Herons and Tricolored Herons.  Great Blues stand about five feet tall, and have a… Read More