A very warm Friday turned into a cold, blustery Saturday.  The temperature dropped over 10 degrees between the time I awoke and the time we all met at Masonville Cove.  Unfortunately, Masonville was unexpectedly closed, so after waiting about 15 frigid minutes, our group of 7 moved on to the second stop – the parking… Read More

As seems to happen all too often, a beautiful week was ended with a looming winter storm that kept looking worse as the time got shorter.  By Friday night, the forecast was 4-6″ of snow and ice, but at least it was moving the onset to later in the morning.  Having cancelled the Blackwater version… Read More

It was a very cold morning, but clear and a bit breezy. The temperature never rose above the mid twenties, but the breeze died down a little as the sun rose, and the birds became active by about 8:15 or so.  Nobody showed for the walk, which was unfortunate as it turned out to be… Read More

The day started cool, very overcast and a bit damp, but by about 10, the clouds had risen and showed cracks that let the sun peek through.  By about 10:15, they had dropped much lower, thickened considerably, and it felt like rain was about to fall.  Luckily, it never actually did.  Matt Nadolny, his grandparents… Read More

Please Note the time change for October – see the end of this post! It was a beautiful morning; cool and cloudless at first, with clouds and breeze increasing as the sun rose higher and the temperatures warmed into the 70s.  Arthur Robinson and Ben Poscover joined us to take a very nice walk up… Read More

The day was cool, raw and drizzly, but we still had Jude and Prudence, and their parents Allison and Arpet show up for a rather shortened version of the walk. Despite the conditions, there was a fair amount of activity, although it was not always easy to see the birds, what with rain on the… Read More

Our walk on Saturday took place on a cool, sunny, rather windy spring day.  The group comprised Elizabeth Smith and her son Ibrahim, Simon Best and his three Best sons, and Charles Brohawn.  We started around the parking area, looking over the Bluebirds and Tree Swallows along the fences, before heading down through the woods… Read More

It was a very cold morning, but luckily very little cloud cover, and at first, very little wind.  Although the wind picked up and the temperature never rose very much, Matt Byers and his mother, Mary, formed the group as well as participating in the other BBC bird walk at North Point, which started an… Read More

On a very pleasant, (cool, overcast) morning Nathan Tea and his mother Stella, were joined by Charles Brohawn, and we walked around the outside of the fort and back into the closed-off wetlands area, thanks to Wendy Alexander, the volunteer naturalist at the fort, who also joined us.  While we didn’t see anything exceptional, we… Read More

After some hemming and hawing by the weather forecasters, the Friday morning forecast called for a wintry mix overnight and freezing possibly beginning Saturday morning.  Since the main route to Blackwater is across the Bay bridge, I reluctantly decided to cancel the trip rather than risk anyone driving to or from the Eastern shore.  It’s… Read More