Please Note the time change for October – see the end of this post!

It was a beautiful morning; cool and cloudless at first, with clouds and breeze increasing as the sun rose higher and the temperatures warmed into the 70s.  Arthur Robinson and Ben Poscover joined us to take a very nice walk up the Minebranch Run trail and through the fields of Cromwell Valley Park.  Things were surprisingly quiet for such a nice day, both in birds and in people – not the good numbers I’m used to expect, but as things warmed up, the activity increased.  The highlight of the day was the very obliging Olive-sided Flycatcher, which posed on a dead branch for us, and flew out several times, then sat and let us look at the field marks as much as we wanted – the good size, dark body, dark sides and short, forked tail were clearly visible.  While we were looking at that bird, a nice Yellow-billed Cuckoo flew into the next tree, also a good bird.  The warblers and flycatchers were much less common than usual, which makes me suspect that the migration is a bit slow this year, but there were some around.  Other birders reported Mourning Warbler and Tennessee Warbler, but the only warblers we had were a number of Common Yellowthroats.  A fine adult Bald Eagle flew over, as well as an Osprey, but the raptor migration was also very quiet today.  The day’s list is up on eBird, as usual.

The next walk is at Irvine Nature Center, on Garrison Forest Road.  Please note that the time schedule has been corrected to read a start time of 9:00 am, since the Irvine does not open until 9!