The day was cool, raw and drizzly, but we still had Jude and Prudence, and their parents Allison and Arpet show up for a rather shortened version of the walk.

Despite the conditions, there was a fair amount of activity, although it was not always easy to see the birds, what with rain on the binocular and glasses lenses..  The highlights of the walk included the Black-billed Cuckoo, the Magnolia Warbler flying back and forth right past us near the parking lot, the worms and baby slugs, and the interesting rocks.  More birds were heard than seen, but we did have nice close looks at the resident Catbirds and Chipping Sparrows, and got to hear Warbling Vireos and an Indigo Bunting, among a number of birds.  The complete list is up, as usual, on eBird.