It was a very cold, and variably windy, morning at the reservoir, and when we gathered at the Morgan Mill Road gate at the start, the birds were pretty quiet where the sun didn’t hit.


A couple of Carolina Wrens and some high-flying geese were the most active things around, but as we went down to the shore and faced the bitter wind, we were able to find out on the water a single Common Loon and a variety of ducks and Canada geese.  A fair number of Ring-necked Ducks and a smattering of Bufflehead, Hooded Mergansers and American Wigeon rounded out the list.

loonrnduckbufflehead1hoody wigeon

While we were talking about the various waterfowl we were looking at, a young Bald Eagle made its appearance and flew over the area.  Unfortunately, by that time, the cold was making it difficult to focus binoculars because of the constant shivering, so after looking at the Juncos near the shoreline, and talking about small birds flocking up in the winter, we drew the walk to a close.  We had a pretty decent list, considering, amounting to 14 species, which is up on eBird.