It was a very cold morning, but luckily very little cloud cover, and at first, very little wind.  Although the wind picked up and the temperature never rose very much, Matt Byers and his mother, Mary, formed the group as well as participating in the other BBC bird walk at North Point, which started an hour earlier.  The birds were largely cooperative, especially the flock of 40 or so American Pipits just off the road in the big field at the just past the Black Marsh trail.  The Blue-winged Teal pair were still in the beaver swamp, along with a pair of Ring-necked Ducks and a number of Wood Ducks, two of whom flew in noisily as we were watching.  Both Song and Swamp Sparrows posed very nicely for us out on the debris in the water, letting us see the field marks very well, despite the cold.  It seemed like the skies were full of Bald Eagles, as we saw a pair each of both adult and immature birds, plus individuals all over the place over the two hours we were out, making it uncertain just how many were actually in the area.  Although we didn’t see the reported Black-headed Gull at the Snow Bunting pier, we still had quite a good day, and a very satisfactory list (which is up on eBird).  Unfortunately, I neglected to take any photographs, so here is a shot of a Great Grey Owl instead: