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HOTLINE:  Baltimore Bird Club Birdline
DATE:  4 October 2001
Compiled by Joe McDaniel () and posted by Peter Lev


Perhaps it is just being impatient, but this seems like a very slow migration period or the birds are passing us by. The reports, other than a GREAT WHITE HERON and speculation about Northern Chickadees, are very meager. There are scattered reports of some water birds, a few warblers, and other migrants -- otherwise, your best bets are just to get out to your favorite spots and hope for a good migration "real soon now."

For the GREAT WHITE HERON -- This bird was seen first at Ft. McHenry, then at nearby Masonville cove. The last sightings were Sunday, September 30. Directions for Masonville cove are as follows: Take 895 and get off at Childs St. (the exit between the toll and tunnel). After taking the Childs St. exit be sure to LOOP BACK (i.e., go RIGHT) to what will become Frankfurst St. and will loop under I-895. If you continue on this road it will become Hanover St. (Potee St. going the other way) and will take you right past Southern Baltimore General Hospital and will take you towards I-95. The pullout is about 0.1 mi past the I-895 underpass on your right, way before crossing the bridge. There is an abandoned couch and other furniture in the lot there. Walk past the fence, down the concrete road, and through the trees there will be a creek on your left. The heron was standing on the small island. Alternatively, coming from I-95 take Potee St. to Frankfurst Ave. and go 0.75 mi past (east of) Rte. 2 (or Hanover St.). The pullout will then be on your left.

Fort McHenry is a safe place because of all the other visitors plus a ranger or two, but anyone checking the Masonville spot should be cautious (as in any undeveloped corner of a big city).

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